A naturopathic service that will guide you on the path to health.

It is often said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but in Iridology the eyes are the mirror of the body.

First consultation 90 minutes £75

Follow up session £55

The Health Reset Package

Rebalance your body toward a healthy state in 5 weeks.

Iridology session plus 4 reflexology sessions.


Soul Purpose Awakening Mentoring Session

This programme can be face to face or online. Payment plan available.

4 week programme

Goal: awaken to your spirituality within

2 hours 30 minutes per week £444

Week one: understanding where you are energetically and learning about energies

Week two: inner child reconnection and healing session

Week three: tapping into your inner creativity

Week four: guiding you into your soul purpose

Reconnection Workshop

We will start with an in-depth consultation so I can understand any blockages you may have, we will then go through an heart opening guided meditation, followed by a guidance card to give you some clarity, finishing with a soul purpose reconnection.

Online session 2 hours £111


To book or hire for treatment, workshop, course, class or retreat for more information

Telephone 07947 819 783




Monday to Friday: Chester

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