Mindfulness Meditation Class

Mindfulness Meditation Class to relax and recharge your mind. Each session includes a wellbeing welcome tea, soothing aromatherapy oil, a guided meditation and a safe space to talk.

"Julie delivered a fantastic 2 hour workshop on opening our heart and reconnecting to ourselves. She held safe, trusted, loving space beautifully for us all and it allowed us to overcome our vulnerability and share painful experiences. This in turn, allowed discussion and for us to encourage each other. It was a powerful session."


Would you like to train as a Crystal Reiki practitioner?

Julie is a Crystal Reiki Master & Holistic Therapist. Training will take place in a safe learning environment in small groups.


In this 2 hours workshop you will learn how to use crystals, harness their energy, cleanse them, how to use and work with a pendulum and which crystals work best to use for each of your chakras.



Discover the history of Reiki, its 5 principles and receive your first attunement. Learn how to work with crystals, their history, how to energise and cleanse them, how to use crystals for chakra and aura balancing, how to dowse a pendulum and how to complete a full crystal therapy treatment.


Receive your second attunement and also learn to draw and use the first 3 symbols. Practice sending energy forwards and backwards in time, perform a distant healing using symbols 1 and 2. Learn to use quartz crystal points and soloman seal grid, in combination with a chakra set. Further explore the use of different crystals.


Receive your third attunement and also learn to draw and use the last 3 symbols. Review the distance healing sending energy backwards and forwards. Learn how to make a crystal grid when having a client and explore further the different crystals.

Level 3 qualifies you as a Crystal Reiki Master, if you wish to teach Crystal Reiki an additional one day training is required at the price of £150.00 any further information do not hesitate to contact me. For each level you will receive a diploma, training manual and on going support after the training .

“Julie is an exceptional healer. I have received healing from Julie as well as trained in my Reiki Level 1 and 2 with her. Julie is very insightful and kind in her approach. She provides constant support and continues to nurture you long after treatment/training. I cannot recommend Julie enough; always full of love and light.”


Distance Healing Services

Usui Reiki Distance Healing

30 minutes £40 / 60 minutes £55

Oracle Reading Guidance

60 minutes £50

Oracle Reading Guidance & Reiki Healing Session

2 hours £90


To book or hire for treatment, workshop, course, class or for more information

Telephone 07947 819 783


Email julienouvelle@hotmail.co.uk


Monday to Friday: Chester

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