The Womb Healing Journey

The Womb Healing Journey

We are Julie, Sam, and Michelle.

Between us, we share experiences in midwifery, child loss, traumas, traumatic pregnancy, and birth & fertility issues. As healers, we are here to co-journey with you on your path to healing the sacred part of you, the womb.

We will be sharing our wisdom, struggles, and helpful tools through this page and also organising workshops and overnight retreats for focused YOU-time for healing, self-love, self-care, and encouragement. We will also be creating a private group for you to co-journey with each other and uplift, encourage and empower one another.

Here is some information about us, to help you become acquainted. We want to welcome you warmly, and promise you a safe, loving, non-judgemental, and trusted space.

Julie Buchanan

is an awakening healer and wellbeing practitioner.

She specialises in helping others to reconnect and realign their mind-body-soul so they can shine their light to the world.

Julie has 15 years of experience in the massage and healing industry, where she has developed her unique signature treatments over the years.

Her passion is helping others when they are in a dark place and helping them to work within so they can follow their truth and embrace their soul purpose.

Julie is based in Chester, Cheshire, and also works in a clinic in Hawarden, Wales.

You can also find Julie hosting and collaborating in awakening workshops and retreats across Wales and England.

Sam Bull

is a Womb and Fertility Massage Therapist.

She supports women who are experiencing menstrual problems, those on a fertility journey, menopausal symptoms, and miscarriage.

Her life purpose is to empower women to feel self-love, connection, and inner peace through the journey of life as a woman.

Sam also qualified as a midwife 14 years ago and adores being "With Woman" which is the meaning of midwife.

Her main love of midwifery is empowering women during preparation for birth through hypnobirthing techniques.

You can find more information about Sam at

Michelle Foulia

is a life coach, author, student psychotherapist, and clinical hypnotherapist.

She has a special interest in using written and spoken words through bibliotherapy, epistolography, journalling, poetry, and other modalities to bring about healing and as such uses these in her therapy work as well as her personal life. They have been key to her own healing from multiple childhood and adult trauma.

Michelle is in the process of registering a Community Interest Company to use the power of words for healing so the website is not yet ready. However, you can find her on her interim Facebook page Words for Healing.


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